How many letters of no-confidence have been submitted to the Conservative 1922 Committee?

Boris Johnson's fate will be determined by backbench Conservative MPs - the 1922 Committee. If 15% (54 MPs) submit letters to the Committee's chairman, Graham Brady, a vote of no confidence will be called.

16 Conservative MPs have publicly declared that they have submitted letters of no-confidence. Another 17 MPs have gone on record calling for the Prime Minister to resign and not lead the Conservative party into the next election. Many others have been publicly critical of Boris Johnson and the number who may have submitted letters privately is unknown.

This website tracks the number of declrations of no-confidence in the Prime Minister and letters submitted to the 1922 committee.

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Status of MPs

Letter of no-confidence submitted 16
Public declation of no-confidence 17
Publicly critical statement 25
Total critical MPs 58

Constituency distribution

MPs by category

Letters submitted by date